Lance McHan | Luxury Listing

Talk about a crazy gamble. I used AI to write a real estate listing script, shot it, edited it and delivered it in 15 hours! Lance asked me to come out and film the walkthrough of this location... I've produced many videos but never a property walkthrough. I knew I could deliver anyway so let's go... Here's the kicker though. I wanted to do this with the help of AI. I took the listing's features, threw it into ChatGPT, had it write a video walkthrough of the property based on the features and, with some minor tweaks to the script, I had Lance do the voiceover. Then I proceeded to shoot it all to go with the script. I shot this with my DJI Mavic 2 pro, my iPhone 14 Max, and my Panasonic S1H. With some creative edits and additional adlib shots, we produced this fun and lovely walkthrough. thoughts?